Grunwald Rotary Machines


This versatile rotary machine combines great flexibility and high speed with an attractive price. The HITTPAC AKH-019 is the smallest rotary machine with a proven, reliable design.

Grunwald HITTPAC AKH019

The special features of this machine are its easy operation and rapid changeover to different products and packing materials. This model is available in several versions:

The HITTPAC AKH-019 is also suitable for filling cleaning agents and beauty products in cups and buckets (with or without handle).

The HITTPAC AKH-059 is the biggest machine of the successful model range HITTPAC and shares its proven, reliable design which gives easy operation and rapid change-over to different products and packing materials.

Grunwald HITTPAC AKH059

Due to the size of the machine frame the HITTPAC AKH-059 offers sufficient space for many different stations and thus extends the possibilities available to you. This machine can also be equipped with, for example, a packing material sterilisation system.


The concept of GRUNWALD ROTARY has been a continued success story. Customers around the globe successfully use this rotary machine in multi-shift operation to generate an excellent return on their investment. The ROTARY model range is a product flexible cup filler and the basic model is already in full servo design. GRUNWALD is constantly developing this rotary filler, using innovative ideas, technical knowledge and customer experience. We build individual machines with various specially-designed stations based upon this ROTARY chassis in response to individual customer‘s requirements and ideas.

Rotary 6.000

Grunwald Rotary 6.000

Rotary 12.000

Grunwald Rotary 12.000

Rotary 20.000

Grunwald Rotary 20.000