Handtmann Portioning
& Separating Systems

In combination with auxiliary devices, VF 600 B portioning machines become versatile systems that can be used flexibly for dough portioning, for dosing pasty products and fillings and for shaping baked goods. Due to their outstanding versatility and modularity, these machine systems are extremely suitable for a vast diversity of baked goods production applications, from a variety of bread types such as wholemeal bread made from rye, wheat or spelt through to innovative product areas such as glutenfree baked goods and pastries, energy bars and other bars, cookies, pastry snacks and much, much more.

VF 600 B Portioning Machines for Baked Goods


Technical Data

Model Portioning Capacity
Portioning Range
Filling Pressure
Hopper Volume
VF 608 B 2.000 up to 40 up to 100 up to 100
VF 612 B 3.000 up to 100 up to 35 up to 240
VF 620 B 6.000 up to 100 up to 40 up to 240
VF 630 B 10.500 up to 100 up to 40 up to 350