Cutting Technology

WT 99

Inotec WT 99

The WT99 brings precision and speed together. Sausage links are separated exactly and fast. The operation is comfortable and easy thanks to a clearly structured operation panel with photo guidance (of your products).


Inotec WT 99 Twin

Beside precision and speed the WT99 TWIN stands for highest productivity thanks to the patented product guidance with two cutting devices. Sausage links are separated exactly and fast in two cutting lanes. The WT99 TWIN is the ideal link cutter for big production capacities.

WT 99 Twist Remove

Inotec WT 99 Twist Remove

The flexible WT99 Twist Remove – a special machine for fresh, cooked and smoked products. The twist between two sausages can be removed with a special knife in defined distances. Special single cut knives are available for this machine.

WT 97 Curved

Inotec WT 97 CURVED

The unique special machine for curved products is the only one on the market to separate efficiently sausages produced in ring casings (either plastic, collagen, cellulos/fibrous or natural).

ECO2 Clip Remove

ECO2 Clip Remove

The EC02 declipps and separates quickly, hygienically and precisely your product. Thanks to an optional connection to the packaging system your productivity grows.

Constantly higher demands of supermarkets regarding the product presentation and safety are resulting in a packaging of products without clips. INOTEC is your partner for removing the clips of all kind of products. Furthermore INOTEC offers the possibility to declip the product logs in an automatic line on both sides and then they can be cutted automatically obliquely.