Inotec Emulsifier

Automatic cutting set adjustment with an horizontally movable housing: A PLC controlled servo motor guarantees an extremely exact positioning of the cutting set and a continuous readjustment.
The modular designed cutting set can be combined with the INOTEC Speed Spin System which gives an additional milling effect to certain products.

Inotec High Emulsion
  • Perfectly designed for an integration of existing processing lines
  • Foto guide for your product programms and automatic adjustment of all product and production paramenters for the emulsifiers I140, I175 and I225
  • The operation element uses picture symbols and works text free. An intuitive operation is achieved by a clear structure which is similar to smartphones and tablet Computers
  • Use of energy efficient motors
  • All INOTEC emulsifiers as option with soft-start or variable speed drive
  • Maximum adjustment and readjustment precision for minimum wearing of the cutting Tools
  • Hygienic machine design, designed for heavy duty industrial operation
  • We have the right capacity for your production from 1.500 kg/h to 15.000 kg/h (I140 up to 3.000 kg/h, I175 up to 8.000 kg/h and I225 up to 15.000 kg/h, values depending on the product)
  • Temperature control by an automatic adjustable outlet valve as Option
  • Optionally with communication modules for a data exchange with your production

Available Inotec Emulsifier Models:

Inotec I140 – Entry level

INOTEC I 140 D 11 / 15 – with a performance up to 2.000 kg/h is the machine which gives the entry to the INOTEC world of emulsifiers.

Inotec I140, I175, I225 – executed with Hopper or inline with/without vacuum

Inotec emulsifiers used for the production of fine minces in the meat industry and for the production of fine emulsions of meat, vegetables and fruits for baby and hospital food, for sweets, for the production of processed and analogue cheese products and for pet food.