Portioning & Tying

Giromatic stands for portioning and tying of sausages in a natural way using thread in many possible patterns all freely adjustable on the Inotec range of equipment IG 5 and IGS 2. This piece of equipment replaces conventional clipping machines and offers an artisanal look of the final sausage products. It is therefore more in use with natural and collagen casings but can also be used with other types of casings. The other advantage of these sausages is that they can pass metal detectors as ready products and that they can be packed in pairs, chains of 3,4 or more to become a real eye-catcher in the supermarket shelf.

IG 5

Inotec IG 5


Inotec IGS 2

IGS 2 is the smaller model of the IG5 for a more narrow calibe range and for sausage products with softer texture. Its compact construction is an entry model easy to handle and operate.