Vario Mix

The unique, gentle mixing and blending technology of the Vario Mix opens a wide area of applications, e.g salami and minced meat products, fine minced products / mixing-in of dices and decorations, processed and fresh cheese blends, pastes and doughs, powders and grains, deli salads. Especially delicate products like fish, and seafood, potatoes and pasta, as well as many other convenience and non food products are mixed and blended in the most efficient and gentle way.

Quick mixing times, gentle preparation, optimum homogeneity, minimum rest quantity and an extremely quick discharge - the Inotec Vario Mix series reaches these targets better than any other mixing system.

  • Mixing spirals are driven independently and each one can be adjusted in speed and sense of rotation
  • Aggressive and gentle mixing – all in one machine
  • Works under continuous heavy duty industrial conditions thanks to high quality components
  • Constant mixing results, products can be programmed, with foto guidance, automtatic adjustment of all product and production parameters
  • Usable volume from 350 to 4000 liter

Twin Shaft Mixer
Twin Shaft Mixer
Twin Shaft Mixer