Inotec was established in 1988 with the aim to automize the production of food products in general, especially the production of sausages. The initial development was a fully automized emulsifier for the production of emulsions. Result was a machine with a automatic cutting set adjustment, which is today used in different models successfully throughout the world. In 1993 INOTEC introduced their first sausage cutting machine and is presently worldwide known as the company with the solution for cutting all types of sausages.

Since 2006 Inotec deals with portioning and tying. The Inotec Giromatic machines are giving a safe and cost efficient presentation to your high value products.

Today, Inotec´s machine portfolio includes machines for mixing, emulsifying, portioning & tying, separating and solution for automation of processes in the food industry.

Twin Shaft Mixer

Inotec gets your product mixed. Meat standards, pre blends for sausage, vegetables, fruits, cheese, sweets up to pet food. A complete range of mixers from 200 to 6000 liters usable volume is available.


Vario Mix

The gentle mixing and blending technology of the Vario Mix opens a wide area of applications: salami and minced meat products, fine minced products / mixing-in of dices and decorations, deli salads and other foods.



INOTEC emulsifiers used for the production of fine emulsions of meat, vegetables and fruits for baby and hospital food, for processed and analogue cheese products and for pet food.


Portioning & Tying

INOTEC offers a reliable concept of tying sausage portions connecting to any filler type with a capacity up to 300 portions/min. The natural look of the tied product is highly eye-appealing.


Cutting Technology

The sausage cutting machine is a quick, hygienic and exact alternative to the existing drum cutters. INOTEC has setted the standard for sausage cutting machines and is the world market leader in this field.


Process Automation

INOTEC automatic processing lines – as indivudual as your product. Our economical and flexible processing solutions are perfectly customized to your needs and provide a maximum efficiency and productivity.