Sealpac began with an idea to set new standards in the field of industrial food packaging. This expertise enables Sealpac to implement cutting-edge solutions for our customers while driving technical developments. Flexibility, productivity and effectiveness are always at the forefront. As such, our solutions together with SEALPAC are distinguished by characteristics that have rarely been achieved before. Our solutions are often unique in terms of quality and freshness, with optimal convenience for the consumer, as well as in terms of hygiene and sustainability.


The world of traysealers is extremely versatile and flexible offering small to high-end machines either as stand-alone machines or parts of highly complex lines connected to other offered equipment supplied by VICTUS.



From entry-models such as the Pro-Series up to high end thermoformers of RE-Series, we offer not only equipment but careful packaging design, integration in new or existing lines and proper follow-up of complete lines.


Packaging Solutions

SEALPAC continously sets new standards, particularly in fresh food applications. From conventional technologies such as MAP to complex solutions such as Shrink-Style or TenderPac providing greater product safety.