Our Solutions

After-Sales Service

Our service team is officially certified by our equipment suppliers to ensure that our customers, having invested in high-end machinery, receive the best service. Every customer having bought a new machine from VICTUS in Hungary is entitled to receive service and spare parts for a longer period of time. Our service technicians are highly specialized and trained for specific machine types and models. VICTUS technicians are mobile within the territory of Hungary and can reach our customers within hours in urgent cases. Under the word service we think of the following aspects:

  • Breakdown assistance at different levels of urgency
  • Preventive maintenance at regular intervals
  • Set-up of a comprehensive maintenace contracts
  • Long-term cooperation in maintenance, training of customer´s staff and ensuring regular upkeeping of machines and/or complete lines
  • Online assistance for customers with own qualified personnel to communicate in fault diagnosis with VICTUS´s service


Own Staff
Technical Training

We organize and follow-up training of food processor´s own technical staff either at their or our site or at the equipment manufacturers site. Those trainings are foreseen in advance and are sometimes part of our scope of delivery of more complex lines which cannot be run without prior technical training of staff. The possibilities of such training are multifold and are usually in those forms:

  • After delivery of equipment to customer and training of operators a thorough training of customer´s technical staff is done
  • After delivery of equipment and first experience is collected, customer´s technical staff visits an organized training at our manufacturer´s site
  • For larger food processors who have a bigger number of machines from one manufacturer, regular training for maintenance staff is organized where special emphasis is put onto preventive maintenance, diagnosis, dialogue with VICTUS and manufacturer, spare part management and continuous improvement measures

Our Values


Support does not always comprise pure technical service but rather a complex approach including application technology, proper exploitation of equipment and analysis of usage over longer periods of time. Our support is mainly composed of the following elements:

  • Observation of equipment function in longer periods of time
  • Optimization with own or equipment manufacturer´s application technologist
  • Possible proposal of upgrade in course of usage (quality, capacity or combination of both) as the product mix and equipment workload are known and the utilization gets in a mature exploitation phase
  • Proposal and trial of further equipment not yet known for a given food product at manufacturer´s site application center before new investments are made (industrial trial production can be organized as an R+D tool for our customers)



Our company VICTUS International GmbH offers worldwide consulting in the area of meat processing and packaging from many different aspects:

  • Feasibility phase of a meat processing and packing project (support to investors, financial institutions and project leaders in an early planning phase)
  • Equipment and technological flow selection in a planning phase according to given product portfolio adapting to the local requirements and actualities
  • Packaging of meat and cheese with emphasis on film (flexible, semi-rigid and rigid) and equipment selection to form a system which may be the decisive advantage in a certain geographical area
  • Sausage casing application and selection to large producers needing wider and deeper approach in order to establish a more comprehensive system of purchasing, utilization and staff knowledge about this niche field in the area of packaging of meat and cheese products